Easy Display*

Pastry and confectionary assortment made easy for professionals.

With the EASY DISPLAY SYSTEM, nothing but advantages:

  • Distinctive identification graphic.
  • Extremely practical handling either frozen or refrigerated. Container opened with 2 fingers.
  • Prepare up to 20 services without touching the pastries in 60 seconds.
  • No transport damage: internal protection system.
  • No waste in handling: removable trays.
  • Ideal for restaurants, hotels, events, catering or hot spots.
Fast identification
Ventajas 01

Ultra compact case of 395 x 278 x 49 mm.

Distinctive design: clear at a glance.

Interior hard plastic structure for protection.

Opening with two fingers
Ventajas 02

Simple closure with tab to store and repeatedly access the content.

Fast and without mists
Ventajas 03

Inner blister to protect the product during transport and storage.

Consists of 5 lanes; 10 removable golden trays.

Ready to serve
Ventajas 04

It allows to extract individual pieces or complete trays, keeping the rest frozen.

Handling frozen or refrigerated up to 20 desserts in 60" without waste.

* Easy Display of Pastry Factory is a system protected by request of utility model in Spain U201930548 and by design requests in the EU 006369625-0001 and 006369625-0002

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